Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finally Free!!!

So, I always feel bad about getting out of the house and utilizing a babysitter when the last thing I see as I leave is a crumpled up tiny face crying "Mommy!" and reaching out chubby little fingers to try and stop me from leaving.  You would have to be made of stone not to feel guilty.  And to hear when you get home that every little bit he would look up with sweet, sad eyes and say hopefully, "Mommy home soon?" 

The older boys are no longer a problem.  They decided that when the babysitter came it was time for a fiesta with music and dancing and the works.  Regardless of the reaction, however, it is always awesome to get some alone time.  Kudos to my sweet hubby who decided that since I was working so hard, I deserved a "bonus" and signed me up for an oil painting class.  He bought me a new table top easel and canvas and decided that it was time for me to finally learn how to oil paint. (Which I have always wanted to do.)  SO MUCH FUN!  And now I can go to sleep thinking that probably I will be appreciated even more tomorrow since I was gone tonight. (Wishful thinking)  Or my absence will be lost in the 2 year old memory span and the older boys will be asking when the babysitter can come again.  But either way, tonight I had a blast! Thank you, honey!

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