Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Sam!!!

Today was Sam's (aka Heathcliff's) birthday.  Today he was "Heathcliff" all day.  Remember the cartoon about the cat from the 80's?  Netflicks has reintroduced this gem to my boys and it's the new fun show.  He had lots of fun and enjoyed his special day.  One of my favorite moments was when he found the picture that Dad had printed out of Heathcliff so I could sketch it on the cake in frosting and this big surprised look popped into his eyes as he exclaimed, "It's a picture of ME!"  That is committment to a role.  He IS Heathcliff today.  Oh, and another thing to note - yes, his birthday cake was pink for another year.  Pink.  All pink.  Seriously.  Good thing he loved the hot wheels, legos, Thor costume, and remote control trucks he got this year.  And I am soooooo glad that at least Heathcliff is a boy cat.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Ever since way back on Mother's Day, if Joe wakes up before me, he tries to make me breakfast in bed.  He attempts to find things that are "nutritious."  This is, of course, limited to what he is allowed to get into without making a mess so I have had some interesting breakfast combinations.  I think that my favorite has been a wrapped cheese slice with some dried cranberries on the side.  Oh, and I think that he also included goldfish crackers on that one.  This morning he brought me a yogurt.  Sometimes I get raisins.  Or dried cherries and blueberries.  Banana.  Whatever "nutritious" items he can find easily in the kitchen.  :)  Such a sweet love.  Such a heart to give.  Always trying to bless others.  Thank you God, for Joe. 

Who Are You Again?

Sam has decided to try on some new identities.  So far his favorites seem to be Star Child (a female character from She-Ra of all things), and Eliot (the dragon in Pete's Dragon).  Although sometimes he is Blue Ninja and once in a while Buzz Lightyear.  When he is Eliot he speaks in dragon "Do, do, do-do, do" just like in the movie.  Dragon is a difficult language to translate.  He is a handful, but oh, so sweet.  What a love!