Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Time Out

Our 4 year old spends a decent amount of time in time out because he is four and a boy and well, because he is Joe.  Our rule is that you have to face the corner in the time out spot.  So, he is sitting in time out the other day and I can see over the edge of the table his feet sticking up in the air and I say, "Joe, you need to be facing the corner."  He responds quickly, "I am facing the corner."  When I investigate I see that he is indeed facing the corner, just standing on his head. :)

Who Was Sleeping Anyway?

Joe (4) wakes me up at 5:30 in the morning, full of concern that his brother is dead because he doesn't answer him when he calls his name.  AT 5:30 IN THE MORNING.  Oh, well.  I don't really need to sleep, right?  It's cuter this morning than it was last night anyhow. 

Thursday, November 19, 2009


Sometimes little children have the most active imaginations.  The other morning at breakfast, the two year old started yelling,"Worms! Worms!" which freaked me out quite a bit since I hate bugs.  I went over to see what he was shouting about and realized that the inseams on his pajamas were sewn with a different color thread than the fabric (white thread on blue fabric) and he was convinced he had worms up his sleeves.  Sam refused to eat or anything until I took the offending "worms" away.  Funny little boy :)  

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Apparently, the art of throwing a ball is not always inborn.  During a game with the older boys the other day, the two year old decided he wanted in.  He readily got the idea of catching the ball - holding his little hands out just so and waiting patiently for me to lob it right in the little pocket he had made - but when it came time to throw... 

Sam's throw was so funny, it made us all fall over laughing.  He must not have realized that you have to let go of the ball to actually throw it.  So he would work up a good throw, bending clear over and then using all his might to heave the ball upward.  Only, since he kept holding on to it, not only the ball came at me, but his entire body.  Every chance he got to throw the ball, he would launch himself at me, grinning ear to ear.  It probably encouraged him a great deal to be such a star - he had everyone rolling.  This might take some time to reteach.  But I don't know if I want to.  Eventually he will learn it himself and right now, it just brightened my whole night.  :)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ah, Fall...

Here we are, just after Halloween, and just getting really into the fall season and we have our first real sickness of the year.  Thank heavens for homeschool!  I thought we were going to have to take the day off, but there is nothing like learning all about ancient Egypt in your pajamas on the couch and playing math facts games with a couple of cute little boys.  I am hoping beyond hope that this is just a 24 hour bug, but it sure was a miserable night (i.e. I woke up on the carpeted floor outside the bathroom door at 4:00 a.m. having fallen asleep there in misery, but not wanting to go back to John and throw up in bed).  I am, however, very gratetful that the two year old only threw up once.  An older child you can plop down on the couch with books or a video and a bucket, but there really is no containing a two year old.  They will refuse to sit still long enough to be of any help.  You just have to follow them around warily all morning hoping and praying that you will see it before they start to really lose it.  But fortunately, so far, it hasn't been all that bad.  We never even got dressed today. :) 

Halloween went very well.  Grandma and Grandpa were here so the boys had a blast.  We went a little around the block with some friends.  The seven year old tore one bat wing off once.  The four year old spilled his candy in the road two times and the two year old couldn't see half the time because he insisted in pulling the dragon head down clear over his eyes.  But they had a blast.  You know it's good when the baby gets some candy and instead of saying a regular old "tank you" in a sweet baby voice blurts out "tanks man!" all super excited.  They had their baskets from Grandmas to open when the got home and we still haven't really recovered from the sugar high.  Now all eyes are watching the skies hoping for the first real snow.  I'm not sure that they really "get" Thanksgiving, which happens to be one of my favorite holidays.  They are just excited for winter and CHRISTMAS!