Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Social Studies to Live By

Josh (2nd grade) recently took a social studies test that required some critical thinking on his part.  The question was something like "Why is it important for communities to have places of fun and entertainment available to their citizens?"  Josh's response? "All work and no play is a crummy way to spend your day."  Bravo!


Today in Josh's grammar book we talked about command sentences defined (by my son's book) as a sentence that tells someone to do something.  It begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  According to the book.  My boys are experts on command sentences and Joshua predictably got 100% correct.  He had no trouble identifying the command sentences from the others.  I speak commands almost exclusively during the course of our day.  Only mine usually end with an exclamation point.   Some examples from today:  Don't hold toys over the baby's head!  (Note the exclamation point) Stay in time out when I send you there!  Hurry up and get to the bathroom!  (More exclamation points).  Finish your math!  Please sweep the kitchen.  (That one wasn't urgent.  Ends with a simple period.)  Don't stand so close to the television!  Get off your brother!!! (repeated several times with many exclamation points.) 

I think I would like to retire to speaking in statements for a while instead.  Plain old boring statements.  With maybe a couple of questions thrown in to mix it up.