Thursday, November 12, 2009


Apparently, the art of throwing a ball is not always inborn.  During a game with the older boys the other day, the two year old decided he wanted in.  He readily got the idea of catching the ball - holding his little hands out just so and waiting patiently for me to lob it right in the little pocket he had made - but when it came time to throw... 

Sam's throw was so funny, it made us all fall over laughing.  He must not have realized that you have to let go of the ball to actually throw it.  So he would work up a good throw, bending clear over and then using all his might to heave the ball upward.  Only, since he kept holding on to it, not only the ball came at me, but his entire body.  Every chance he got to throw the ball, he would launch himself at me, grinning ear to ear.  It probably encouraged him a great deal to be such a star - he had everyone rolling.  This might take some time to reteach.  But I don't know if I want to.  Eventually he will learn it himself and right now, it just brightened my whole night.  :)

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