Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmas Gifts

This is pretty much a conversation between Josh (age 7) and me this morning.

"What do you boys think that your father would like for Christmas?"

"How about we make him a jet pack?  We could power it on plants and it would fly him into the sky and -"

"No, it has to be something we can buy at the store this time.  We don't have time to invent things like that.  Any suggestions?  There are some CDs that he wants and some computer equipment and -" 

"Oh!  Let's get him some computer equipment that can make his computer a portal and he could just touch anywhere on the screen and then it would open a door to anywhere in the world that he wanted to go!  Dad would really like that!"

"Focus.  Focus.  Something that you can go to the store and actually buy.  Those are interesting ideas, but they don't make those kind of things for real yet..." 

Ah.  Reality.  What a bummer.  I would like a portal for Christmas too.  What say, Santa?

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