Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Today in Josh's grammar book we talked about command sentences defined (by my son's book) as a sentence that tells someone to do something.  It begins with a capital letter and ends with a period.  According to the book.  My boys are experts on command sentences and Joshua predictably got 100% correct.  He had no trouble identifying the command sentences from the others.  I speak commands almost exclusively during the course of our day.  Only mine usually end with an exclamation point.   Some examples from today:  Don't hold toys over the baby's head!  (Note the exclamation point) Stay in time out when I send you there!  Hurry up and get to the bathroom!  (More exclamation points).  Finish your math!  Please sweep the kitchen.  (That one wasn't urgent.  Ends with a simple period.)  Don't stand so close to the television!  Get off your brother!!! (repeated several times with many exclamation points.) 

I think I would like to retire to speaking in statements for a while instead.  Plain old boring statements.  With maybe a couple of questions thrown in to mix it up.

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