Friday, September 9, 2011


Our dinner conversation tonight:
Josh:  Pine needles taste kind of minty when you bite them. 
Me:  Don't be eating anything unless you know it is safe to eat.  Are pine trees safe to eat? (Look at husband for assistance then back to Josh)  Why would you want to eat a pine tree? 

(Several moments pass as we eat and visit)

Josh:  It actually tastes pretty good.
Me:  (thinking he is referring to the chicken and veggie stir fry for dinner that he was skeptical about eating)  Aw, Josh that's really nice.  I am glad that you like it.
Josh:  Not the dinner Mom, the pine needles. 
Me:  (deflated)  Oh. 

I really shouldn't be surprised, I guess.  Pass the pine needles please...

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  1. P.S. Pine needles are indeed edible. But not very tasty and kind of spiky.